We Are the World 2020
International Virtual Talent Show

Registration by Jun 15, 2020. Submission by Jul 15 2020.

Dear students and families,

Since January 2020 with the outbreak and global spread of the coronavirus, schools and public areas are closed and the epidemic outbreak of COVID19 has tremendously impacted our lives. With public areas reopening, the battle against COVID19 has morphed into a long-term, arduous combat. Hospitals, food supply chains, and the transportation industry all have been maintaining mostly normal operations in order to meet people’s basic needs and to help ensure social stability. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all the frontline staff! Thank you all-especially our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all doctors and nurses who are making differences for our lives!

Even now Maryland schools still have not resumed normal classes and activities. Many public areas remain closed. As individuals, how do we get through these very challenging and difficult times? How will students and families support and endure the pandemic crisis at home? To encourage students to engage with activities and make a contribution to the community and society, we would like to invite individuals and families to participate the international virtual talent show, We Are the World, which was initiated by a several families of the Chinese Christian Church of Germantown. To participate the event, please fill out the registration form and simply upload the video as instructed. For details about the event, please visit our website at shureneducation.org

The event is sponsored by Potomac Chinese School and Shu Ren Education. Operated by Potomac Chinese School. Special thanks for Christian Chinese Church of Germantown (CCCG) Children's Department, the Board of Directors of Potomac Chinese School and Talent Show Committee, American Chinese School Rockville Campus, and Montgomery College (MC). We look forward to seeing you in the show!


Shu Ren Education

May 2020


  • Participant age requirement:
    1. For individual, the age is limited from 3 to 17.
    2. If the individual participates the event with their family members, all the family members are limited to the participant’s own family. There is no limitation of number of participants in the family, however at least one person needs to meet the age requirement of 3 to 17.
  • Registration deadline: June 15th 2020.
  • Registration is free.
  • Registration and Consent form:


Video Requirements

  • Entries selection: talent ideas include dance, singing a song, beatbox, musical instrument, magic act, drama, comedy, slam-poetry reading, telling a story, Yo-Yo tricks etc., ... It is your choice to choose the idea for your performance.
  • Video length and format: The video must be high-definition format. The length should not exceed four minutes. The registration form must be attached with the submission of the video.
  • Language used, if any: must be either Chinese or English.
  • Participant will need to introduce name, age, location (country and city where the video is recorded), and title of the performance at the beginning of video. The video without the introduction may not be eligible for any awards.
  • It is suggested to rehearse multiple times, and video record your best performance when you are ready, then submit your best performance with the best quality of the video for the show.

Video Submission

  • The videos will be accepted until July 15th 2020.
  • To submit your video, please share your video with the organizer, Juan Xie, via Google drive 2020virtualtalentshow@gmail.com
  • Unfortunately, no late submissions will be accepted.

Judges and Rubric

Talent Show Judge's Rubric

  • Download the rubric here:


  • First Place, one winner will receive a price of $100.00
  • Second Place, two winners will receive a price of $50.00
  • Third Place, three winners will receive a price of $ 30.00
  • Honorable Mention: 10 individuals who receive honorable mention will receive a 10% discount voucher for one session of a course at Potomac Chinese School.

Also, the Talent Show Committee will select the top 15-20 videos to be included in a compilation video, and the video will be shared on U.S social media in August 2020 for a public fundraising for COVID-19.

Event Policy

  • All videos will be reviewed by the Talent Show Committee and the results will be announced on shureneducation.org and WeChat.
  • Only one video submission per person or per family.
  • All awards are individual awards.
  • The submitted video will not be returned, please keep the original copy.
  • All prizes are not negotiable. All awards are final and not negotiable.
  • The copyright of the event and videos belong to Shu Ren Education.

Event Sponsors

Special Thanks to the Following Organization and Institution: